09.03.2019  /  Reincarnation of Death /

                         @Tabakfabrik in Passau/GER


31.05.2019  /  Destroy your Brain Fest / 

                          @Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg/GER


Abyss, Macabre Demise, Fleshless



Hailstone, Rotting Empire, Necrotic Flesh, Public Grave, Abrassive, Macabre Demise 


05.01.2019  /  Black Creek Festival / 

                         @Rittersaal in Waidhofen an der Ybbs/AT


10.11.2018  /  The Spawn Of Death Fest Vol. II /                                               @Zeughaus in Passau/GER


27.10.2018  /  The Day The Dead Walked VI  Festival / 

                         @Ballonfabrik in Augsburg/GER 



29.09.2018 / Metalheadz Village Festival / Pilsting/GER



30.06.2018  /    /  @P31 in Nürnberg/GER 


05.05.2018  /  Bergwerk Metal  /  @Zauberberg in                                                                                Passau/GER 


01.04.2018  /  Tales from the Underground Part III / 

                         @Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg/GER


10.03.2018  /  IN(n)FEST 18  /  @Zeughaus in Passau/GER


18.11.2017  /  5. Fleshparty  /  @Omega in Erlangen/GER


11.11.2017  /  An Evening With Friends  /  @Tabakfabrik in                           Passau/GER


28.10.2017  /  Spawn Of Death Festival /  @Zeughaus in                               Passau/GER



Richthammer, Flesh Remains, CroworD



Pighead, Maat, Theotoxin, Six Score, Necrotic Flesh, Athiria, Weeping Wastelands


Arroganz, Rotten Pope, Darkfall, Deadfreight Of Soul, Fieberwahn, Revel In Flesh, Facing The Swarm Thought, Menschenfresser, MetaVoid, Grand Old Wrath


Mementory, Anchorage, Pikes Edgde,

Debauchery's Balgeroth


Morass Skoffin, Disfigure The Pious


Knaat, Virus 41



Morass Skoffin, Virus 41, Clockwise Water Flow



Blackest Light, Tinitus, Weeping Wastelands


Adoring Human Flesh, Ardent Spirits, Aimless Death


Wanted Inc., Entera, Hateful Agony



Profanity, Soul Demise, Adoring Human Flesh, Maahes, Extensive Blaze, Morass Skoffin, The Final Impact


01.04.2017  /  When In Sodom  /  @Club Wakuum in                                      Graz/AT



10.02.2017  /  @Tabakfabrik in Passau/GER



19.11.2016  /  Woid Weyd Metal WF  /  @ Stadthalle in                                  Viechtach/GER



01.10.2016  /  Death Metal Massacre  /  @JUZ in                                              Abendsberg/GER



23.07.2016  /  Slam Against The Wall  /  @Tabakfabrik in                                Passau/GER



19.03.2016  /  Smokey Joe Music Award  /  @Tabakfabrik in                          Passau/GER



12.03.2016  /  @JUZ in Simbach am Inn/GER



09.01.2016  /  @Tabakfabrik in Passau/GER



Sarcastic Terror




Welicoruss, Wolves Den, Finsterhain



Athiria, Mortal Infinity, Maahes, Virus 41,

Uprising Of A Fallen, Madtastic, Obscene 



Necrotic Flesh, Adoring Human Flesh, Daisy Cutter




Toxic Waltz, Battlecreek, Severity




Cone, Crystal Death




The Morphean, Severity, Black Shadow



Necrotic Flesh, Athiria